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Sister Angela Catherine was a deeply Eucharistic soul. In the monastery the holy Communion was ordinarily celebrated on Sundays, Wednesdays, Fridays and on the feasts.

On the other days the Servant of God made spiritual communion, and she used to explain to her sisters how to do it. She made "extraordinary" Communions when some other nun asked her, but never alone in order not to seem "singular".

She used to prepare for a long time for the Holy Communion. Usually, she did not receive it at the first Mass of the day, but a few hours later.

She used to talk about the luck of the shepherds and Three Wise Men had who could adore the Child Jesus. However she concluded that they saw the Child for a few minutes, while Christians usually do not understand the good fortune of being able to adore the Lord in the Holy Eucharist as long as they desire.

She considered that this was a weakness of faith. In these speeches she used to look inflamed. Once the nuns began talking about the Shroud of Turin and they requested some fragments of it. Sister Angela Catherine said that we did not have enough knowledge that also the corporals and purifiers used in the celebrations wrapped the Body of the Lord.