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Angela Catherine was appointed to accomplish various tasks, sometimes simultaneously. For about fifteen years it was a sacristan and a dispensary in the refectory.

She used to remind that she all the tasks have equal dignity if they are fulfilled according to obedience: the work in the kitchen and important tasks. It was also "pharmacist", meaning that she had to provide the medicines for the sisters and to take care of the ill ones.

She was assigned to the porter's lodge and was able to help some of the poor's needs of the village. He had the idea of ​​setting up special days in which to give alms. For a certain period she sold flowers to get the necessary money. She was a teacher of the novices and taught them with great charity. It was called "the hermit" or "the pilgrim". She loved the solitude in order to unite herself to God.

When a nun did something contrary to the Rule, she preferred to appear resentful, rather than using words of reproach. She did not like doing acts that distinguished her. He was an austere character, but she rejoiced to see happiness in the community.

Sometimes she experienced weaknesses and temptations, but she practiced acts of faith to counter them.

She cared about the conversion of non-believers, that she used to call "the blind poor". She claimed that faith was a real good fortune and that, without merit, Catholics had been created as such.