The religious call is a gift of the mercy of God. It is the responsibility of every Christian to listen attentively in order to verify the signs of the divine plan in this regard.

The primary element of a religious vocation is to be found in the invitation God gives to certain of His children.

It is therefore fitting that those who show positive signs of a vocation to the contemplative life carry out a time of experimentation in order to have a first look at their suitability, respecting freedom of choice and the privacy of conscience during the time of vacational discernment.

Postulancy allows the community and the Postulants to form a judgment concerning vocation and aptitude. It fosters human, emotional and spiritual maturity. It brings out tendencies toward the interior life, sociality and sincerity.

The Novitiate marks entrance into the Augustinian family, in which all the members are called to live together harmoniously intent upon God. The Novitiate, therefore, has for its purpose the formations of Persons of prayer and community. The time of novitiate has as its purpose the formation of souls of faith, gradually moving through hope toward a total love.

Through Temporary Profession of the three vows of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience, the professed Sister gives herself with a firmer determination of the will as an offering to Christ and the Church for the salvation of the world, and she is incorporated into the monastery, becoming a member of the Order.

The work of formation, begun in the Novitiate, is to continue for the entire time of temporary vows.

The time of Temporary Profession is five years at least. Vows are to be renewed each year, in the hands of the Superior. The Superior with the consent of the Council, may prolong the time of Temporary Profession.

By Solemn Profession a Sister binds herself irrevocably and with a new bond to Christ and His Church and is permanently incorporated into the monastery, becoming a lifetime member of the Order. 

In recognition of the gift of their daughter, the parents of the Professed are affiliated to the Order from the day of Solemn Profession.

"Spouse of the Eternal King, receive this wedding ring and guard with care your faithfulness to your Spouse that He may receive you into the eternal joy of Heaven".