06:00 Rising

06:30 Angelus, Lauds

07:00 Meditation

07:30 Holy Mass

08:00 Meditation

08:30 Midmorning

08:45 Breakfast

11:30 Midday, Rosary, Angelus

12:15 Lunch

13:00 Recreation, thanksgiving

14:45 Study, rest

15:00 Mid-afternoon, Office of Readings

16:00 Community work

18:00 Angelus, Vespers

19:00 Supper

19:45 Recreation

20:30 Meditation, Faith sharing

21:00 Compline (Night Prayer)

See how good, how pleasant it is for sisters to live together in unity...


Sharing our faith


Working together for the common good

The purpose of the Order consists in seeking and worshiping God, as well as working in the service of the people of God: together with one heart, and in fraternity and in spiritual friendship. As the rule admonishes us: the main purpose for our having come together is to live harmoniously in the house "intent upon God in oneness of mind and heart".

Nuns by reason of the sanctity of their calling aim to be for the Christian people and for the world "a source of heavenly grace" by the testimony of their lives, their prayers and all other forms of service proper to contemplative Augustinian life.St. Augustine writes: "If you love God, win all others to his love. Win as many as you can, exhorting, bearing up with them, praying, discussing, giving reasons, but gently, calmly: win them for love".

Deo gratias, thanks be to God!

We are the community of Augustinian Contemplative Nuns of 

"Our Lady of Grace Monastery".

In this site you will find information about the Augustinian spirituality, about our monastic life and about the news from the Monastery.

Among the founders of religious life, St. Augustine, "distinguished member of the Lord's Body" that he was, has acquired an eminent position.

After his conversion, deciding to serve God together with his friends, he returned to Africa where, first at Thagaste as a layman and then at Hippo after he became a priest, established the religious life "in keeping with the manner and rule laid dawn under the holy Apostles.

Augustine also founded a Monastery of Nuns, whose Superior during many years was his own sister. At his death he left monasteries of men and women under the direction of their respective Superiors.

On his firm foundation established by St. Augustine, as found in his Rule, the Apostolic See promoted the founding of the Order in the 13th century, from the union of the various groups of hermits and providentially destined for it the service of the church among the Orders of evangelical poverty, or of apostolic fraternity as they were called. On April 9th 1256, the Order was confirmed under the title of "Order of Hermits of St. Augustine". The name of "hermits" gradually became synonymous with Augustinians, and so it is that our Order is rightly called the "Order of St. Augustine" and is designated by the initials O.S.A..

From the very beginning of the Order, there has been a feminine component. Nuns are an integral part of the Order and hold in it an eminent position.